Tuesday, February 19, 2013

some thoughts

transferred some pencil tests to the animatic just now. waiting for the overnight render to post to ogremermaid.blogspot.com. it's been awhile since the last animatic update.

best thing is animating to afternoon sunlight coming through the disc. only electric thing is the pencil sharpener. otherwise, just you, the wood, the lead, the eraser, and the paper.

what is the future of animated activity?
• museum setup with a little old man at an animation disc and a wooden stick in his hand?
• programmers creating interactive, non-linear experiences, choosing from amongst parameters?
• 3d movies in 3d? with animated seats that spray mist in your eyes as they bounce you around?
• motion capture technicians augmented by nuance adjusters formerly known as animators?
• artisanal, materials-based fine art animation that gains cachet just as those big old blocks of Marseille soap that can only nowadays be found in specialty boutiques?

whatever it is, the exciting vision will always be exciting, no matter what the lens, whatever the conduit.

the next Beatles isn't going to be the Beatles.

it'll be something else.

be your own Beatles.

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