Sunday, April 21, 2013

Motion Heads WIP

a convivial time was had at Chez Nous last evening as colleagues and friends gathered to reveal their secret (or not secret) works in progress at Motion Heads' potluck lasagna fest "This is What I Am Working On or Finished Not So Long Ago."

Ellen showed a short piece with Mona Lisa trying to get a date, but having no luck amongst her male painter suitors, John gave us his gritty, organ detective story, Marie screened a short piece based on a story her father liked to tell about taking the sun to Canada, Karl offered bits and pieces of projects involving photograph-based animation of natural elements (and other things), Michael shared and demo'd examples of games he's worked on/is working on, and Motion Heads played the pencil test animatic for "The Ogre and the Mermaid."

pretty neat to see what other folks are doing, and thanks to all who got up the gumption to participate. it can sometimes be lonely or stale creating in a vacuum, and this was a breath of fresh air, and the interested feedback gives new insight into something you've been staring too closely at for weeks or months.

many appreciations to all, and I'm taking suggestions for the next gathering!

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