Monday, April 15, 2013

new york studio tour

heading to new york city for a studio tour with students on friday: Curious, Augenblick, and Flickerlab - to see what we can see: animators at work!

this was a friend's recent, "scary" pass-on post in Facebook (at least scary for those with big-eyed dreams of Disney and Pixar - but that's the NBA and the Lawrence Welk Show combined, folks - you'd better be better than everyone else to begin with, and love doing it their way). Granted, the craft is extremely high, and it would be cool to be around such talented people. But looks like Disney's jettisoning vision in favor of profit again. no surprises, in my opinion.

where does animation fall in the divide between "art" and "business?"

are we here to entertain?

are we here to please ourselves?

are we here to express what we want? what someone else wants?

do you, young student, know what you want?


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