Saturday, May 25, 2013

yellow submarine in collingswood

So what do teachers do when school is out, anyway?

Actually, I did just get the most recent version of "Yellow Submarine" on DVD - each frame cleaned individually - apparently it took four months to do that. It looks great, although I'm hoping to seeing it projected on the wall rather than coming out of my secondhand tv at some point.

Finished another stagehand walk cycle for the film, ploughing through Sequence XVI, the second to last. Lots of revisions to do after XVII is done, as well as in-betweening with Janelle, but it's possible now to start thinking less abstractly and more practically about coloring and environment animation (waves and sky).

The weather changes (every day). That's what weather does, I suppose, but it's heavy hot humid alternating with nippy cold breezy these past few days. Transition before the Big Bad Nonstop Humid here in the swamp.

These images were taken in a co-working space in Collingswood called "The Factory." Growing trend, these days, with individual artists breaking free of their homes to separate work space from living space in an economically feasible manner, and also to rub elbows with other artists. Also, American culture can be lonely sometimes, compared to some other places. I like The Productive, though I haven't been there - the owner seems very motivated, and it's grassroots, not corporate.

Tomorrow, the search for forest items for the backporch. A parasol for friendly shade, a folding chair to read in, and some woodland sorts of plants to suspend all disbelief so that I may feel I am reading in a forest.

and the guitar calls, but first, to sleep...

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