Sunday, June 2, 2013

summer heat, summer beat

working on "The Ogre and the Mermaid" in earnest since the beginning of summer vacation, and today was a day of capturing previously completed pencil tests.

my friend Soyeon Kim of Yellowshed just finished a major personal film: Soyeon's blog & link to "Ahco On the Road." Years of professional experience pay off impressively with the beautiful color palettes and designs in this piece, which is about a baby elephant that wanders away from its mother. It's good to see my former classmates continuing to make stuff - reminds me of all the time we spent working on films at school - a privileged period, to be surrounded by talent and intensity like that. And if we're lucky we'll still be doing this years from now.

it's currently very hot and humid in Philadelphia - swimming pool weather. A good time to hunker down indoors, as well, and draw like crazy.

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