Friday, July 19, 2013

going to california

well, it's been inhumidly hot for quite some time, now in Philadelphia. but I get a respite from this swampy excess and get to head to SIGGRAPH, over in Anaheim, California, where it's just as sunny but not unbearable. in fact, it looks very comfortable, with a moderate, dry heat hovering around 80 degrees this coming week.

we go to SIGGRAPH to represent UArts, manning a booth and showing student work. hopefully there will be an alum or two in the area dropping by to say hi.

it's an important conference, and largely techie, so I will be staring at new motion capture devices, drawing tablets, and tons of 3D. when will Apple come out with a pressure-sensitive tablet...

Disneyland is right next door - in fact, the hotel looks to be right in front of it:

I've been there twice: once at the age of twelve, when it was a sore disappointment, after reading Disney books and being saturated with the movies as much as any other american kid. the matterhorn was a fake-looking hill, snow white's castle didn't really have an "inside," the monorail felt chintzy and the whole place was flat as a pancake.

but my expectations were a bit high.

the second time I went was twenty years later, and with sufficiently low expectations and memorable company, I had a decent time.

this trip is not about the Magic Kingdom, however. it's about geeks, and waving our school banner, and checking out what's coming round the bend in the world of constantly evolving digital technologies...

I'm also going to take advantage of the hotel swimming pool.

updates to follow...

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