Wednesday, August 28, 2013


school is coming
school is coming...
just around the bend
with students and teachers and administrators
all lookin' for a piece of the action

take two deep breaths
and suck it in
the circus is in town
and the big tent is being hoisted

the merry-go-round
is starting to spin
the actors are getting ready for their parts

the good, the bad, the ugly
the courageous, the fearful
the hard-working, the indolent
the disciplined, the thin-skinned
the smart ones and the idiots...
don't be an idiot.

those who give, those who take
those who look to the horizon
those who see to the tip of their nose

be a seeker
let the air flow into your mind
let a fresh breeze blow through
and look for opportunities
and wide-open avenues
that branch out to new things

don't let small minds
narrow agendas
and a lack of imagination
on the part of the anxious
the fearful
and the upholders of the status quo
however well-disguised as
innovation or tolerance,
keep you from learning
and seeking truth.

be humble
be resilient
keep your mouth shut
when you don't have anything to say
but ask questions
be aware
be mindful

don't whine
don't complain
it's mostly First World problems in this place.

and act,
don't react.

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