Monday, November 25, 2013

a walk in the woods

a film karl and I made a couple of years ago, tearing up leaves and playing with rocks out in the wissahickon. it's supposed to be a little scary. unfortunately so far, no one has told us that they've been scared. not even a little perturbed.

o.k. maybe a little perturbed.

this piece slipped noiselessly into cinematic oblivion right out of the cradle, which is one reason I am resuscitating it here. I hadn't made a karl film before, and my apparent lack of midas touch (although I do like it) makes it plausible we may not do another one (though I hope that's not the case), and only confirms my suspicion that great art goes unpunished.

A Walk in the Woods from karl staven on Vimeo.

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