Monday, December 2, 2013

leger and t-rex

about to be mangled.

leger at pma.

the view from the acropolis.

so thank goodness there was a thanksgiving break - a chance to do something "wild and crazy," as it were, break out of the routine, and check out the work of some early-mid 20th century art freaks, causing trouble for the middle class (an easy target, after all).

admittedly for me, it was almost more interesting reading about what leger and his buddies were theorizing about than viewing some of the work, although it was a well-curated exhibition, and the links to advertising were quite interesting, and the "ballet mechanique" was a re-thought-provoking vision of film as a new medium, unfettered by convention, in the hands of surrealists. all that said, I do appreciate a good calder and a good miro, as they weren't so into the urban thing as leger, and overall more dream-like than industrial - although calder's connection to the circus was one of the things he shared with some of his contemporaries in 1920's paris...blah blah blah, eh.

I'm ready for more.

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