Monday, March 3, 2014

philadelphia independents at the plastic club

links to a few of the animators who have agreed to screen their work at the Plastic Club's Philadelphia Independents event, March 29th, 7pm, 247 S. Camac St, Center City, Philadelphia:

geoff beatty
former instructor at philadelphia university and moore college of art & design, geoff is the head of germantown studios.

ross bollinger
creator of animated films and advertisements that can entertain and be enjoyed by a wide audience, ross is a relative newcomer to philadelphia, focusing on client and personal Flash animation.

lowell boston
independent animator, filmmaker, poet, and adjunct associate professor in animation at the university of the arts and philadelphia university, lowell is also the producer of the philly cam series, optical toys. lowell is working with animator/artist liz goldberg on a project they will present as a work-in-progress for the screening.

liz goldberg
independent animator, instructor in fashion design and drawing at drexel university and philadelphia university:"my work is an exploration of the theme of the diva - the flamboyantly uninhibited female and the personal and political empowerment she represents."
andrew hoffman
philadelphia cartoonist and painter, he has been working in the publishing industry since 2000.

juggling wolf
jason chen, marina gvozdeva, and ian foster: a multidisciplinary collective, dedicated to creating video and animation that is technically challenging and visually rewarding.

christopher magee
independent animator and assistant professor in animation at the university of the arts, big head at motion heads studio.

dick meyer, alice meyer-wallace
"in the early 70s dick meyer got a christmas gift from his wife which
was an afternoon with paul  fierlinger, a czech animator, who taught
dick about his method of animation, moving images with watercolor on glass."dick taught his sister alice meyer-wallace the technique as well.
independent animator: "animation gives us the rare opportunity to spill our most coveted attribute, the imagination."
karl staven
independent animator and photographer, director of the animation program at the university of the arts.

jody sweitzer
mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, installation, and film/video artist whose work records the interactions and experiences of viewers of spaces she creates.

lynn tomlinson
interdisciplinary artist specializing in animation, mosaics, community art, sculpture, documentary, media art, and emerging media.

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