Friday, March 14, 2014

drowning in tea

spring break has been wunnerful - peaceful and a time to drink significant quantities of tea, hunker down with the ogre & the mermaid, wonder at the schizophrenic weather (a day of 65 degrees followed by a day of 29 degrees, 19 in the wind), prep for the plastic club screening, do the laundry, watch movies (animated and otherwise) on the wall (the projector's great), dream about a european summer, and water the plants (well, that's actually tomorrow).

helas, all too soon it will come to an end, and a life of structured activity will resurface to give definition to this reverie. but that's fine - bring on those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student faces (or video-game-sleep-deprived, "I didn't get as much done over spring break as I thought I would" faces) the lunchtime meetings where a lot of talking gets done, and another round of mid-semester gives one the impression of a validated world order - not to be taken at face value, not to be accepted unquestioningly, but a community constantly evolving, revising itself, pushing and pulling, sights set on a pie in the sky.

but maybe we should be looking for something other than pies up there...

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