Sunday, April 6, 2014

duo non grata

"duo non grata" made its second appearance at cake & the beanstalk, with a set list spanning works from sor, albeniz, bach, lauro, and several others. the audience of cafe-goers appeared receptive (no one asked us to stop playing), and two even came forward to express a positive response (which naturally encourages us on to grandiose dreams of live guitar performance in preposterously prestigious venues).

a great way to spend a sunday afternoon, and sean non-grata is motivated to come up with more solo pieces to keep pace with our expanding repertoire. having survived a near-disastrous bicycle spill on the way to pre-gig rehearsal, sean non-grata was neatly excised of extraneous thoughts and turned in a focused performance, with an especially melodic interpretation of sor study #6.

we managed not to empty the premises, and those cafe-goers with earpods attached appeared not to mind much of anything. we'll definitely be back for another round...

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