Thursday, April 24, 2014

nyc animation studio tour

I took a group of 12 uarts animation students to new york today to visit three animation studios: titmouse is big, with glass walls, glowing rows of cintiqs, and a cadre of uarts animation alum; ace & son is artsy-homey, with paintings, a popcorn machine, and a turtle; bill plympton's is analog friendly, with drawings & paper everywhere.
we enjoyed a warm welcome at all three places, getting a glimpse into three different visions of what a life in animation can look like. best of all, everything was within a block or so of each other.
this is bill plympton's studio. he was away in france, but his studio manager wendy and her colleagues mike and greta were very patient with us. it's always an eye-opener, coming up to new york to visit animation studios, and every year, something has changed...but that's how life is. anyway, it was a very good day.

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