Monday, May 19, 2014

upcoming up.

tim. is ready.

last-minute preparations and loose-ends to tie before hopping the pond and rediscovering crescent morning bread, pooper scooper scooters, the mermaid fountain, well-turned out, be-scarved, studied-ly untidy young bohemians, bourgeois socialists, shark-like yuppies, hordes of tourists, tin tower-toting illegals, and the oasis of meticulously maintained parks in the middle of stylish, well-ordered chaos...

we will be wide-eyed (if at first bleary-eyed), taking it all in, counting our pennies and feeling the exhilaration of the out-of-towner's discomfort zone.

after the tower and the white, chalk gravel of carefully aligned plane tree gardens, it's off to the comics plateau, life on a small scale at the beginning of summer, on a ranch with a pig, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats, thinking about what we are, what they are, and how to turn it into something expressive, thoughtful, and challenging.

and then, off to natural high-rises, to be fans in the middle of the world's most polished cartoon mecca, taking dips in the pristine aqua blue, biking around the perimeter to avoid overexposure to darkened rooms, and going for a walk in the pass amongst the goats.

and afterwards, the search for an old barn looking for a new lease on life...

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