Monday, June 30, 2014

annecy - chateau and st felix - folioscope.

another day spent in annecy - it's difficult to stay away. we had lunch with my friend sidonie, who I first met in 2005 at the first annecy workshop. she was one of the group from the aaa who befriended us. it was good to see her, and she had a fair number of things to say, from school/teaching foreign students to speak french, life living abroad, kids, animation...

the chateau d'annecy is not an architectural marvel. rare is the savoyard church or fortress that enthralls the eye of your typical art historian, it seems. but although they are not noted for originality, sophistication, or other aesthetic terms of endearment, the solid, simple forms, the wood and stone, and their counterpoint really speak to me - the annecy chateau is probably my favorite - versailles can keep its majesty.
my friend alex showed us around the folioscope studio in st felix. the man is hard-core about animation, and in addition to giving workshops with his cohorts, works on his own films, collaborates with other animators, and somehow, along with cecile and meike, his colleagues, manages to fit a prodigious pile of equipment into a small, un-air-conditioned room, with as many as three films in production at any given moment.

if I could buy them an animation castle to work in, I would...

the drive back to bourg st. maurice from annecy was about 2 1/2 hours in the mountains...a bit of a haul, especially at night. but tomorrow will be another day, and this one was full. thank you to my friends sidonie and alex for spending time with us today.

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