Friday, October 17, 2014

it's (too) late.

gosh, it's so late and I decided to write a post about nothing, here.

coloring ogres bit by bit, aiming towards getting all done so we can move on to waves and clouds. animating seems like fun, but the reality of sitting in front of the computer for hours with a tablet just doesn't have quite the thrill of working with paper, or puppets (though I'm not really a stop-motion type). sitting in front of the glowing screen, you don't really feel like you're "making" something, you know?

maybe it's about the storytelling. but it doesn't take this long to tell a story. it can to make one, though.

next film's gonna be short and quick.

and otherwise there's the guitar, trying to take it out to the public even though the level of playing is not where it could be right now, but that's part of the ruse of playing outside - get better.

in high school, you could stay up late and have someone else be in charge of the world. now it doesn't make a difference, and it's all up to you. but I discovered that years ago.

this is just a moment of blank space before getting up to brush the teeth and hit that hay.


a blip between beats.

on to the next thing...

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