Tuesday, November 25, 2014

thanksgiving break toll

UArts Day exercise from Christopher Magee on Vimeo.

today the whole school was asked to participate in a day of speed-art community building (my interpretation). the animation people got together to decide on a theme for a piece. two were chosen: "explosions" and "one character eats another." we ran out of time for the eating thing - two many drawings, but managed to squeeze out from 1-3 seconds per person of exploding things. my effort above.

here are a few more artifacts of the day: we created characters before rushing rashly into animation.

here's  "party frog."

this fellow's even less prepared to be festive.

...and this little guy just got left out of the loop altogether.

this event might have been better earlier in the semester - at this point, everyone has final projects on their minds, but we did have a good time, and ate pizza for lunch. the animation students are a jolly bunch, a pleasure to be around, putting up with this obligatory togetherness with good cheer and good humor.

karl did an fine job of screening inspiration in the morning, elliot finished his piece with blinding speed, and we ended up with a little pile of...explosions. will post when it's available.

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