Monday, August 3, 2015

another green adventure

train workin.'

Montpelier ("Monpeelyur")
Vermont, this time, with visits to Montpelier, Island Pond, Glover, Lyndonville, Lake Carmi, Montreal, Quebec, Burlington, and Button Bay.

Lots and lots of green, rolling hills, wooden barns and houses, lakes and streams, and, to be frank, white folk (with a few different colors in Burlington). Anyway, a nice mix of rural with progressive. Bread & Puppet always invigorates the soul, reminding me what "artistic freedom" means. Vermont College of Fine Arts was a nice surprise, with an active gallery exhibition, amongst which was a a giant zoetrope by the animation instructor at Lyndon State College. Camped in some fine state parks, enjoying canoes and kayaks and little trails. No ticks! And the special treat of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for a quick afternoon walk around, gave me the thrill of being in another country, if only for a moment. Love the Franco/Anglo split in that city. Life is for traveling and seeing new things...
Bread & Puppet mobile.

resident of the puppet museum.

the old master.

Bread & Puppet Theater.

Trees in Rows in Glover, Vermont.

Red Pine grove at Island Pond.

common sight along Vermont's roads.

Vermont College MFA installation.

Vermont countryside (almost everywhere in Vermont).

campground amphitheatre.


camping things.

Burlington gallery.

Fools at the Festival of Fools.

didn't find out if it was authentic.

a blur of green and blue.

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