Friday, January 15, 2016

nowhere man.

Harmonizing again after more than 30 years. A rough-around-the-edges but exciting stab at "Nowhere Man" with two of my high school, MPG music-mates. We played under the direction of our no-holds-barred music instructor and Perpetual Seeker and Asker of Unanswerable Questions Mark, covers and his originals. Our school didn't have enough students for a regular band, so we had a modern music ensemble instead, lucky us. Challenging time signatures, chord progressions, and harmonies. One perk I always got a kick out of was getting to skip religion class because we played at chapel once a week. I don't think Jesus is mandatory there anymore.

It was great to play with people you played with as a teenager: no time like high school to be into music - the best time to be in a band.

It was a good challenge to play with these two, having to keep up, musically. After our first get-together we got together one more time and ran through more Beatles than I knew the chords to. Such fun.

As we were:

Monday, January 11, 2016