Wednesday, September 7, 2016

7 sep 16

Here are the nuclear girls, visible from Marnay, looking towards Nogent. Didn't notice any unidentified drones hovering in the vicinity.

And here is the sign in front of our part of the village, overlooking the bridge that spans the Seine - this water flows to Paris and beyond (but it has to get past the power plant first).

Morning. Up until now chained to this computer, working on paperwork. But today, today was a "get up and run around" day, and so up and ran around. Took a jog to the next town, Pont-sur-Seine.

 I found out this morning that if you sign on as cook (weekday dinners) you get three months' residency free in exchange - something to look into...I will learn to become a good cook!

Stands of trees in rows right after you cross the bridge...
...planted by a linear frenchman, no doubt, in love with geometricized nature, just like Louis XIV.
...and another view of the twins, mixing the bucolic with technology for the end of the world. Food for thought. Iodine pill, anyone?
15th century building in Pont-sur-Seine. Took about 1/2 hour to jog/walk here. A quiet place, but with a few shopfronts.
 Looking up at the 12-16 century church (St. Martin, if I remember correctly) in the center of Pont-sur-Seine.

Jogging accoutrement.

Looking down the main street of Pont-sur-Seine. They're getting ready for a trumpet and accordion concert in the church (free) on Saturday night. Obviously the church is the happening spot in town for weekend revelry. But aside from events like this, it's open once a month for God, when the traveling priest stops by to say mass for the remaining Catholics.
Who would have guessed...just like Erik Satie being born in Honfleur.
Pont has its own library (with upstairs billiard room): "Books and Billiards", has a kind of a ring to it.
The pump at Pont.
There was a sign on the church saying you could get a tour if you asked. I went to the town hall (mairie) next door, and they called in for a tour for one, sweaty jogger with short shorts. I thought the woman in the mairie would just get up from her desk with a big brass key, walk across the square, and open the church door and tell me to have a look, but they called in a specialist, whose job it is to respond to calls for church visits. It was too late to be embarrassed, so I waited for my guide to show. She did, "sans tarder", and gave me a thorough tour, duly appreciated.
A mixture of Romanesque and Gothic, with trompe l'oeil painting inside (will come back another day to take more photos). The church tells a story of noble patronage and vanity.

They don't build 'em like that, anymore. Solid.
Color-coordination in a street window.
On the way back, another incongruous look at Man in Nature.
Lots of whispering trees. A great walk - nobody else.

My only companions during the jog/walk.
The bridge, this time from the other side.
Apples in the garden out front.
Camac, looking at the church across the street.
Camac, the priory.

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