Saturday, September 17, 2016

Animating sand.

This is the last shot, sand dribbling to the floor. Actually, I am only coloring/compositing these images, the actual animation was done by Janelle and Nishant about a year ago. It was the most tedious shot of the whole film, you might imagine, moving individual grains into a pile on the floor.

Yesterday the French primary school teacher group came to eat and plot at Camac, think I may have mentioned in the previous post, and the day turned out to be great for getting work done, because I hid in my room (next to where they were) until the hubbub was over. They were here to prepare for a workshop in art education next month with a new artist-in-residence. Since they teach non-art subjects, the idea is to help them feel more comfortable with in-class art projects and also more creative. Would've been fun to talk with them, but I think they were on a full schedule.

2-hour jog/walk in the afternoon after that (had to get out of my purple room). I made it to the fencing of the nuclear power plant, heard a sound that at first resembled a mechanical bird but then seemed to become more animated, decided to turn around, and chose a path not yet traveled, heading north instead of back to Camac. This gravel road took me past ponds with fencing and signage "PĂȘche et baignade interdite: danger de noyage", which I think really meant, "Radioactive waste: don't go in". Then to a large field of a vegetable resembling lettuce of some kind. I walked for a good stretch along a very straight section, surrounded by leafy vegetable and little white moths, with a couple of falcons circling overhead, waiting to see if I would fall over so they could pick my bones. It was an interesting view, seeing so far in front and in back. The clouds where beautiful. White service vehicle passed me once. Eventually, this turned into a village, or at least an assemblage of houses, and I followed the sign that said, "4 kilometers back to Marnay". Nothing like a good walk to get you out of your "room-head" space into the bigger one.

Otherwise, it was a windy, wet night (though not wild). Right now it's not raining, a good sign for the afternoon bread festival here in the village.

Hard drives are filling up again. One uncooperating one, so it's off to the FNAC in Troyes on Tuesday (rescheduled) to take care of that and also see a museum or two, maybe sip a grenadine at a sidewalk cafe.

Looking forward to taking japanese lessons in Paris, about to sign up. The current situation, with 5 housemates and and administrative office below, will morph into a solo situation, so this will provide a little social interaction and the chance to learn something while I'm at it.

Get up and run around.

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