Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another walk around the block...

These images didn't load in order, but here they are. Decided to take Road #2 again, and see if I could find an alternate path within it.

Down the gravel road, past the rows of poplars...
This local denizen wanted to know what I was doing there.
The clouds were beautifully stretched out as I started the walk, like cotton pulled apart.
The first building you encounter when entering Camac.
Texture everywhere, the bridge over the Seine that leads to the trees.
Leaving Marnay soon.
Looking up, today. Maybe it was because the Open House was finished, but walking out into the woods today felt liberating.
Don't know how it got this way, suppose it to be an artifact of the way it is grown (rough bark below, smooth above). There is often a mesh on the bottom to protect young trees from deer.
I met a post-horse.
Ant's-eye (almost) perspective.
 Rolling hay.

Dark cloud from the power plant, hidden by the trees.

 More ant's-eye view.
Unstudied contrasts.

Stick in the sky.
Land is flat. You can see widely.
Lone oak marking that point on the road.
 Late afternoon lighting.

Dragonfly perch.

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