Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Walk, Part II.

The rest of the photos from this walk - was trigger-happy, I guess!

This is an open-air barn that appears to be used for cutting logs (because that's what's inside, anyway). It's the first building you bump into after crossing the bridge, or an indicator that you're close to the end of the walk of you're on your way back.
 Feng Chen and her husband out bike-riding. She gave another performance today to the Camac Association, a new group dedicated to spreading the word about the artist residency here and also, interestingly, getting more local interaction happening fort the artists who come here.

The three of us made fried rice for dinner for everyone tonight. With champagne. Fried rice with champagne. Try it, sometime.

After dinner, and after the Camac Association opening remarks and pu'u pu'u's, as mentioned above, we went to see Feng Chen's installation. She had everyone humming along to her bells and church droning. It went well for her. A bit of "Ogre" was playing on a tv set behind the buffet table but went largely incognito. Hope that is not his fate.

From the sky to 7 inches away. Things look different when they're seen from unaccustomed distances.
 Stone prow on the bridge.
 Moss on the bridge.
 More closeup.
Church window. You can see through to the Other Side.
 Camac gate.
 The textures are like natural paintings.
This rose, I believe, got lopped for tonights' Camac Association reception. I'm not sure what to think about art, artists, and people who go to receptions and exhibitions, so I'll leave it at that.
 Texture and shadow in the afternoon.
 Leaves collected by the wind on the walkway to the nunnery (it was a nunnery, I found out tonight).
French detail.

Every day is important. When I was younger, I had the feeling that the important days would happen sometime in the future. Now I'm coming round to feeling that they happen "now".

This now is nearly complete. I'm ready for the next part, ready to jump again.

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