Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bread in Marnay.

Today there was a public bread baking. Two women of the village, a Mexican transplant who speaks Spanish, French, English, and Mandarin, and a former Polish weightlifter, baked some fine examples of french "pain" under the tutelage of Jacques, a former pastry chef for forty years in Montmartre, Paris.
Here they are. Seems like they could do good business in this village of 240 people, seeing as how there is absolutely no competition, and the bread was good.
The baking oven they used was the "four banal" of the village - the public oven, from years (centuries) gone by.
Here is Jacques showing how to do it.
Ready for the oven.
In they go.

I got to chat with a few of the people who live here, but mainly with a friendly British fellow who has been caretaking a house in the village for the past five years, is a photographer, and former part of a British sports car business. There was also a sculptor (and volunteer Parisian fireman), and an American-British couple, the feminine half of whom was a recently-retired Painting prof at the University of Mississippi. I see her floating down the Seine some days when I'm out on the porch playing guitar. She waves and smiles.
So, there are British and American retirees here, as well as French families who own weekend houses. Might be hard-pressed to find local locals. It was convivial, and fun.

Went for a short walk afterwards to settle my thoughts.
 One interesting tidbit - the nuclear power plant, according to Adrian (the painter's husband) is set to be decommissioned sometime in the not-too-distant future. That may have a significant effect on property values, as one assumes the plant casts a long shadow over the area.

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