Thursday, September 22, 2016


Here is the morning meal for today: banana, peach, yogurt, honey, on a wooden table (gotta love those wooden tables).

Countdown to leaving has started - one more week. Open Studio on Sunday. We did a show-and-tell yesterday evening - Ann, Feng Chen, Lindy, and myself, in the library. Poetry reading, sound installation in progress, poetry reading, and film excerpt. It was great. Would have been great earlier, too, but a few things conspired to inhibit that impulse, it seems.

And here is an image, sent from the Père from halfway around the world, on Maui, where recent tropical storms/hurricanes dropped a good deal of water on the islands. The torrent seen here in the gulch is a very occasional event.

Laundry hanging out to dry. Yes, these are pedestrian mentionings.

Starting to look ahead to France Phase II: back to Paris, signing up for Japanese language class, more Ogre Mermaid work, preparing to visit and be visited by friends. I wonder what this last week here will be like.

Anyway...a champagne winery visit today in a little bit. Sunny, today...nice. Camac is offering up a bit of local culture.

Ok, back to it...

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