Saturday, September 3, 2016

camac - la residence. jour 1

the view from the porch.
wonderful first day here at the Camac artist residence in Marnay-sur-Seine. Though this little village sits right next to a nuclear power plant(!), it is pretty and calm.

I am with a small group of artists - painter, writer, poet, photographer, and sound installation alchemist, in a 16th-century priory for the month. The buildings are filled with artwork from previous guests, and this is a great change of scenery from Center City.

Although I have urgent administrative work to complete over the next couple of days, afterwards it will be a great place to combine reverie with forging ahead. Strange combination of nature, peace, and nuclear, but such is the modern world, and I intend to soak up every moment here.

the porch, looking towards the 16th-century priory.

the Seine - haven't seen any glowing fish.

artwork from previous artists.

an alley in Marnay-sur-Seine

the priory at Camac.

a splotch of color on the porch railing.

the dining area and living room.

my space.

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