Thursday, September 29, 2016

Camac, last day.

Post from Camac's Facebook page (click on "Camac Centre D'art" to learn more about them), Marnay-sur-Seine, where I am nearly done (leaving tomorrow) with a month-long residency spent among trees in rows, beautiful stone, clay and wood, and several other artists ( two poets, a painter, sound artist, and photographer). Also some cows and a goat, yesterday, in my jogging path. Thank you to Karine for all her wonderful dinners on top of her main duties in the business office while Camac waits for its next chef, Laetitia for her bright smile and the work she does for the artists and the center, and Jean-Yves for making Camac a place for mind-opening new connections for an ever-expanding group of artists and art lovers.

One last bike ride, starting with the Marnay-sur-Seine "beach". Helas, I never went swimming, but I did watch the fish jump.

Dinner tonight with Feng Shen and Bo Jo, her husband. We are the last ones to leave, tomorrow morning. Jean-Yves stopped in to say hello, and we talked of several things: McDonalds, real French (Belgian) fries, Taiwanese artists, and...a few other topics now lost to the wind.
Shoe arrangement outside the Purple Room. Inside and Outside Shoes. Still a few more things to pack for tomorrow (e.g. "how will that bottle of champagne fit into the bag").

Interesting experience for my first artist residency. Beautiful, countryside place, France, surrounded by architecture with the layers of many centuries, and the sense of charm and style that every French person knows, one way or another. Of course there are many more elements that go into making this experience "French", but that's for another day's contemplation.

Work on "The Ogre & the Mermaid" continues in Paris...

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