Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day trip to Troyes I

Excursion to Troyes today, with Ann (Feng Chen opted to stay at Camac and record church bells, part of her current project). This is a view of the canal on the way to the cathedral, with the ubiquitous (in France) lovers' locks on the bridge. Needed to get a new hard drive at the FNAC (as per last post). This was done, but as it's possible the problem may have been a cable, I bought a new one of those as well and will see if it does the job so the hard drive can be returned. Anyway, it means I have a backup drive, now, and no excuse.

Ann leaves Camac on Friday to meet up with her husband and continue her travels elsewhere, so she's getting in whatever visits and activities she can before then.

Troyes is the largest town of the region, somewhat unnoticed by tourists in comparison to other French cities (at least that's what Lonely Planet stated). This felt undeserved, as the city boasts a substantial, half-timbered, partly pedestrian center, an impressive cathedral, and was quite agreeable today.

We visited the stained glass museum first. A modern example, left.
More texture. The kids grow up around texture.

A closer look reveals an unusual blouse  depicting the means through which "La Renommée" could be broadcast to the people.
Graffiti, either old or looks old. In any case, slight problem keeping size and straightness of line, but that is part of why I liked it.
Second museum, letters from WWI.
Soldier trudging through the trenches to deliver supplies - wine was important to the front lines.
The courtyard of the Hôtel Dieu.

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