Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day Trip to Troyes III

Still at the Museum of Modern Art, Troyes, now in the garden park out back, amongst the sculptures.
 It was great to go out and fill the head with new impressions today. In addition to museum-hopping and computer part shopping, we ate galettes in a courtyard restaurant and had tea in a speciality shop afterwards. Got too comfortable in the tea shop so we ended up rushing to get back to the train station for the ride back, but all went well, and Laetitia joined Feng Chen, Ann, Lindy, and myself for dinner, where we discussed the merits and shortcomings of the French (and American) education systems.
Adam & Eve. Looks like Eve got a little fresh.
Layers of texture.

 Half-timbered buildings in the old town center.

Wooden-ceiling St. Pantalon church. Ok, not "Pantalon", but something close.

 Virgin with fire extinguisher.

 Odd church statuary.

 The manhole covers have wood in them, here.
"Rue des pigeons"

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