Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Inside the building I am in .

Here is the kitchen. People spend a good amount of time in kitchens, and this one has a nice view of the neighbor's clay-tiled roof.

This is the dining nook. The main dinner table is in another room, part of the living room.
Gas and electric range and oven. Gas works better, but is more unnerving, at least at the beginning it was, until I figured out how it worked.
Sunday's Open House. About 15 people showed, I would guess. Missed part of the presentations, but saw an hour-long film by a local filmmaker about the refugee camp in Calais - more poetic than documentary, there were some nice shots in it, but it was long.

Screening of the Ogre rough draft went fairly smoothly, though the colors became fluorescent on the little projector. Audience response difficult to interpret, but it went ok. Keep going.
Animator playing guitar. That's what this animator does. "Bibliothèque" is "Library". It was a nice place to screen, amongst the books.
My bicycle on the request board (not requesting a bicycle, they already gave me one to use). Just, it was empty and needed something, you know.

I'm leaving soon, on to Paris for Phase II. Work cut out for me, to be sure.

Life is constant transition.

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