Saturday, September 24, 2016


Another walking day. "Kapakahi" because things feel weird around here, putting people together like this can be a bit of a crapshoot, but then, so can any group of people be a hit-or-miss sort of I got out for another walk, another new path from off the regular one. Oh well, leaving at the end of the week to start the next part of sabbatical - by myself in Paris. Planning on taking a Japanese language class. And working on the film, of course.

Here's the roof of the priory. Still beautiful.

A series of long shots, to remember the feeling of the roads around here. Trying to find a less beaten path. It was fun, though I half-suspected I'd run into a wild boar or two in the woods. Didn't.
 These elevated walkways keep pedestrians dry during floods.
Variations on a theme: fall leaves on the road.

Gravel in the sun.
 Young poplar field. The village crop. Everywhere you look - trees in rows.
Such a difference in humidity/moisture depending on whether you're walking in the shade amongst the trees or out in the open, as here.

Some kind of relationship, here - parasitic or symbiotic, I don't know. Do you know these people? Co-dependent? or is somebody just taking advantage, here?

Afternoon light through the leaves and branches.

Last photo - the remains of the pigeon we saw on the road when we first arrived. It is disappearing with the passage of time.

ps - added a few photos to the winery post, courtesy of Ann and Feng Chen: picking grapes!

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