Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nogent for wine, beer, and Charlie Chaplin.

Ann, Feng Chen, and I decided to walk to Nogent today, partly for exercise (10-mile roundtrip), partly for wine and beer. We stopped first at the local café across from the theater, then walked past the market, the church, the city hall, and a few other main buildings. Here's a Wikipedia article, in French, on the town.
Watermill of Sassot Frères. Wheat ground into cereal.
 Like an earlier photo from an earlier post, nice riverfront backed by the towers.

One interesting element of Nogent that hasn't yet been mentioned here is the Camille Claudel Museum (website to be finished). The sculptor lived here with her family for three years, from 1876-79. At least that's better than naming your town after someone who never lived there: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, charming town though it is.

Soufflet, the local agro-corporation, is also a large presence here, along with the nuclear plant.
 Texture of the earth in the buildings.
One of the alleys in the old town, playful paint on the half-timbered houses. Total absence of gum and trash on the street.
 Saint Roch-in-a-box guarding his street.
 We stumbled into a Charlie Chaplin (Charlo) screening in the main church, l'Elise St. Laurent, with live organ accompaniment by a prominent musician:

Concert gratuit
Projection de films muets en musique
Projection de deux moyens métrages « Le vagabond » et « Une vie de chien » de et avec Charlie Chaplin accompagnés en musique par l’organiste Marc PINARDEL
Dimanche 18 septembre 2016 à 17h00

Feng Chen, Ann, and That Guy posing for a commemorative, nuclear selfie on the way back.

Tired after a long walk, but good tired. We made taiwanese tomato soup and mixed vegetable thingie for dinner to celebrate a day's adventure.


  1. Salut Chris, I can't find the original thread of our conversation, ah!
    So I guess you are missing the start of the academic year in Philly?
    Would love to visit your property, Rachael is very much into the organic thing, and the wine of things. I guess your property is North from Corvallis if it is close to Salem..
    Love reading your posts and the images.

    Some acoustic guitar (3/4) I wanted to share with you as the tunes and/or the lyrics are great. We were fortunate to see them all play life here in Portland. Some music while you work.

    James McMurtry "We Can't Make It Here" (in case you miss old USA)

    Greg Brown "Our Little Town" (idem)

    Charles Bradley and the Menahan Street Band "Why is it so hard to make it in America" (I guess same theme again).

    Ray Wylie Hubbard "Snake Farm" (a different theme altogether ;)

  2. Salut Stephane! Désolé pour le long retard. J'écoute tes liens. Tu m'as toujours introduit a des nouvelles choses en musique - merci. : ) Il faudrait bien que vous alliez bien rendre visite a Rickreall - je te passerai l'adresse par e-mail. Je mange chez Vanina ce soir pour rencontrer sa famille. Je lui passerai le bonjour de ta part. Et je verrais Marylin plus tard dans le mois. Est-ce que je t'avais passe un lien a ce groupe fabuleux?: Cheers Elephant, anciennement de Philadelphie, maintenant a Los Angeles: a bientôt, mi amigo!