Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Faulty hard drives.

Yesterday's breakfast. Mid-morning jog around the river, then the rest of the day the 4TB hard drive I thought I got working yesterday slowly disintegrated on me - wiped it a couple of times and thought a day's worth of coloring work was "kaput", but fortunately was able to drag the files off before reformatting. Seems like a hardware problem, so I'm in the market for another external again.

After a couple of weeks, this is, mid-residence, I guess, things are friendly but have gone through a couple of little wrinkled moments in the group. It's curious to watch the back and forth of subtle action and reaction, the wavelengths of people relations.

The best moments are probably when you're out jogging, no one else but you, the trees, and the cows. The road I found this morning was straight and lined with poplars - easy to lose yourself for a moment in reverie, good for thinking. A good kind of lost, not the late evening, anxiety-prone variety.

Was frustrating having the computer battle ongoing, but things are working again, and there's a buffer before I'll need the extra gigabytes. In a situation like this, you feel guilty if you're not working, so it's oddly stressful in that regard. And since there is no cook and the administrators (the two women) are acting chefs (and very good), there's a bit of a feeling that they are pulling more than their fair share, even though they never complain about it.

European discipline.

Tomorrow getting a ride with Jean-Yves to Provins, along with Ann, the others having bowed out for work or other reasons covered by the word "work". It's the local, UNESCO seal of approval, former medieval citadel town and hot, happenin' 12-13th century market place. Tower, underground chamber, ramparts, and dusty museum. Another way of making the day one to bookmark.

Music seems strangely absent, here. No one's singing songs, except me, in my bathroom...

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