Saturday, October 15, 2016

La tortu rouge, les nouilles, et le palais royal.

Outside the Grand Palais, exposition site and equipped with a small cinema, the MK 2(?), where my friend Carole, her son, and her high school friend took me to watch "The Red Turtle", by Michael Dudok de Wit. This film, a co-production between Dudok de Wit and Studio Ghibli, is about a man marooned on a deserted island who encounters a red turtle who prevents his escape by raft. Magical things happen. The hard shadows on the characters, the dots-for-eyes, the birds in the sky, the floating sequences, the elegant, water-color sky textures, and the general soft mood all betray the filmmaker's imprint, and touches such as the cute, silent bit-part-playing shore crabs show Ghibli's.
Just outside the MK2.
Texture everywhere, often clean compared to a grittier Philadelphia.

After the film, we went to eat Japanese food near l'Opera Garnier - rue d'Antin, like a little Sushi House Row.
 Le Palais Royal.

A sunny, warm fall day - one appreciates those once autumn comes, knowing that cold and grey are around the corner.

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