Monday, October 31, 2016

Lausanne, Switzerland

Brief visit to Lausanne, Switzerland, to talk with Ceruleum, Visual Arts School, about a planned visit to UArts by interested students in the spring.

Sitting in the train, watching hills turn gradually into mountains, you feel a lightening of your mood, as you start looking up. Switzerland always feels like a little jewel, a well-tended garden, above the fray of things.

Here is the covered stairway to the cathedral. Lots of texture here, too, but mountain clean.

Panorama from the cathedral.
Golden hour on the cathedral.

The organist stepped in and gave a free recital. He played at floor level, so everyone had a front row seat to the performance.
I was in Lausanne nearly thirty years ago on a winter break vacation from being a student in Normandy. The town is a very livable size, and you get a lot of exercise, because you can only go up or down - the old part is not flat! Will head out before I leave to have a look at Lake Geneva and see if I can find the metal sculpture I took in a photograph during my last visit.

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