Thursday, October 6, 2016

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The metro can be claustrophobic if you take it at rush hour, pressed up against the glass or the seat, standing up. This shot is not of rush hour, just the view of the exit as you leave Chatelet station, heading towards the light through the leaves.

Today was my first japanese lesson, at TENRI, with sensei Sugimoto, who was very patient and friendly. It was fun, but I couldn't remember new words...hmmm. I will study this week. It's exciting to start! Let's see how much I worked next week.

I went shopping for autumn clothes (sweatpants, warm, under jacket, hats), mainly for inside, actually, where it has been a bit cold in the evenings. Feeling warm, now, stomach full of spaghetti. Olive sauce is good.
The Seine, same river as in Marnay, but much bigger by the time it reaches Paris. This is on the bridge leading from the Left Bank to Notre Dame cathedral. Admittedly, everywhere there is a crowd these days, one thinks about the possibility of being blown to smithereens, and Notre Dame was recently the site of just such an attempt, but, you can't stay inside all day, either. The world outside is different from the intimacy of one's own space at home. In a big city, one feels the pressure of everyone trying to stay afloat in a competitive environment.

Met up with my friend Carole to visit the Insititut du Monde Arab to check out the jewelry exhibit currently in place. Was interesting to be there, never had been previously. We had a nice, if brief, visit, wondering what's up with our friend Vince.
Here's the Grand Old Dame from the front, set against white clouds and blue sky.

The laundry machine here makes a racket. I understand why the downstairs neighbor doesn't appreciate it but am glad it is here. Far better than walking down to the laundromat. Sometimes social interaction feels like it takes hours off your life (which of course it does, like everything).

Actually, that's what your life is, come to think of it.

Tonight, starting with the editing. Maybe read a little. Rest. Tomorrow, buying a weekly metro pass and one or two other errands, but mostly calm. Different scene than Marnay. Both have their advantages.

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