Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday means "Go!"

Covered passage that I walked past quickly today (you can tell it was quick because the image is blurry)., where was it, exactly...

Today was the first workday of the week, for most. Businesses were open, so I printed out paperwork at an internet shop and sent away for an absentee ballot, though I feel no enthusiasm for either candidate, rather, much the opposite. One represents chaos, the other a system with no integrity. I will cast my vote in a half-hearted attempt to ward off chaos. Perhaps the Leakers will serve up a surprise or two that no one will be able to ignore, and then we can start all over again, with different players. That wouldn't be bad. Keep the current officeholder from retirement until things get sorted out. He's made a career of persevering stubbornly, anyway.
One-week metro pass - so nice to just tap the top of the turnstile to go through. I.D. photo reminds me of being a student here long ago, same face, but older. And you're not allowed to smile for these things anymore. Smiling distorts your face. Most of the time one would imagine in a good way, but not here. So, stoic it shall be. But anyway, being in France as a sort-of resident one tends to accumulate I.D. cards.

Or is it the same face? Don't we fully replenish our cells once every seven years or so? Everything moves, everything changes.
Japanese school student! "Watashi-wa, Magee desu!" It is interesting, preparing for somewhere when already somewhere else. Being displaced keeps you on your feet.

Returned the cheap shoes to get a more solid pair. And it rained a little this grey afternoon, so the timing was just right. Summer sneakers can't be taken seriously when the weather starts to shift.

The ride back on the metro continues to be an exercise in claustrophobia management - the last part of the trip is really Sardine Ville. I feel sorry for everybody. I'm just a fly on the wall, a temporary presence, but many people do this everyday, most of the year. Maybe there's a good way to walk the final bit instead of being scrunched up with everyone...

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