Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016, Paris.

Today, well, worked on the film, bought groceries, and took a walk to Montmartre at the end of the day.

A set of juggling balls here in the apartment.
Bottle of wine, watch, and Japanese language exercises...what more could one ask for...

My one-on-one lessons start Thursday. Looking forward to it..."better late than never".
Current workspace for "The Ogre & the Mermaid" - desk, computer, tablet, and the usual cables and hard drives making a mess. There's still some little stuff to finish off as far as pictures filling the entire frame before I can move on to editing and re-doing the waves that need it. That busy work will be done tonight or tomorrow.
Walking down Montmartre steps after taking in the sunset at Sacre Coeur. So many people there at the top in front of the church, even in October. You hear English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German...It's difficult to feel fully at ease (pickpockets, beer hawkers, etc.), but I did my best to inhabit the moment while not looking like just another tourist/easy prey.

Watched a sake-making video on PBS "The Birth of Sake" until PBS decided I couldn't anymore, because I wasn't watching it in the U.S. Saw most of it anyway, over the past couple of days.

Tomorrow afternoon I will visit with a college dormmate and meet her two little boys. College was THE time to make good friends.

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