Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday afternoon.

Calm Saturday. Went out earlier for a couple of errands, but mainly stayed in, nursing a head cold. Don't hang out with little kids during cold season(!).

Here's the view from the apartment. Clouds here have been dramatic, with distinct shapes and blue-inflected greys.

Listening to Vince Guaraldi - just the right thing for Saturday afternoon in Paris. A little Charlie Brown to soothe the rough edges of the soul...
Making use of the timer function on the camera, at work compositing the background into a shot at the end of the movie. Sustained by hot tea with honey and lemon. It's colder in the studio than outside, sometimes, but I haven't made a move toward the heater just yet. Artists have to be frugal (at least us un-famous, un-wealthy ones).
Pasting sky and sand into the rectangle that the stagehand is carrying.

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