Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The View From Here.

Autumn clouds, linear tones, floating above the red-tiled roof, smokestack behind.

The view from here.

Went to a couple of dance performances yesterday at my Japanese language school, which also serves as a cultural center. The first performer, a solo man, offered a tense and drawn-out piece accompanied by sounds that might be described as organically unpleasant (dog whistle tones, crackles...). The second performance involved a series of short pieces representing different countries, with seven or so dancers. It was good to attend, though I had to leave right after the end to catch the metro back because I wasn't sure when service stops. Music performances later in the week look good, from traditional japanese to contemporary things.

Just got back from an evening group yoga session. I have shied away from this activity in the past, and although it takes a little gumption to work up the nerve to go, once you do it's grounding (and challenging), and Nadine is warm and disciplined and makes every effort to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, included, and welcome. After a long day of working on the computer pushing pixels around for the film it's good to make a positive connection with human beings. Here's her Facebook page, should you find yourself in Paris in need of some yoga sessions.

But now it's time to review Japanese grammar!

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