Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warm October Sunday.

Today was a wonderful fall day, sunny, and up to around 70 degrees (F). It was the perfect day for an afternoon trip to the Jardin du Luxembourg, a multifaceted and highly civilized park, one element of which is the circular pond on which children sail wooden boats.

I took my lyrics sheets along with me and came close to coming up with a complete set before it was time to go.

Chestnut on the steps.

The Jardin du Luxembourg, on the Left Bank side of the Seine, is a haven in the middle of the city. Put down sometimes by locals as being too bourgeois, I don't mind, because this place always feels like an intelligent oasis of repose, with people reading books on the green, metal chairs, looking like that's the way to use the park.
Designed by Marie de Medici after her native italian gardens, this park has its royal touches. There are several parts to it, including the bandstand area with lots of shade trees, the basin with the circular pond, the italianate (I guess) fountain, the tennis courts, the pony ride area and children's jungle gym, the Statue of Liberty side, the beehives, and the broad sweep of manicured lawn and large trees in one of the prime sunbathing and book reading areas. There are also the long, narrow lawns with their "Pelouse Autorisée" and "Pelouse Interdite" signs, depending on which section they are trying to protect from people.
 Here's a happy kid on a pony.
And I forgot to mention the pétanque players. The game is also known as "boules", and used to be a male-only past-time, but these days one sees women out there as well, performing for the audience of passersby who watch the meticulous goings-on (tape measuring, individual tossing techniques, etc.) of the players.

It's something not so serious that one can take very seriously. Watch out for when the tape measure comes out.
 Fancy shoes and pants aren't exclusively for the younger set.

And here's a nod to my Finnish friend Sari - I passed this sign on Blvd. St. Michel on my way back, getting some fries close to Shakespeare & Co. bookstore. This is close to the Sorbonne. Believe the Irish cultural center is also closeby.

A warm and happy Sunday.

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