Wednesday, November 23, 2016

...and more Tokyo, 2016_11_23.

Kabuki theatre building, one of the few, older structures in the middle of former Edo.
Buddhist temple in Indian style.
Interior of Indian-style buddhist temple. Family ceremony going on as we wandered in.
 Guardian as we left the temple, back onto the street...
 ...and into the fish market.
Lots of goodies for sale in the open-air stalls, including candied sweets in addition to seafood ranging from unagi (eel) kebobs to squid, octopus, and others...
Former fish, now engaged in advertising. We ended up eating sushi in a little restaurant wandered into via an alley, surrounded by teenagers on this public holiday. Lots of chinese tourists everywhere, outnumbering haole gaijin by...a lot.
 Food-related sculpture on the walk back to the hotel.
Ginza during the day, Wako building on the left.
Little robot possibly named Jasper who spoke clearly and quickly but Japanese only. Need a stay-at-home personal assistant? They're coming....
Ginza closed off to traffic on this holiday.
 In the kabuki theatre line, waiting our turn.
View of the theatre interior. Lots of stylized dialogue, an all-male cast with professional "females", and a full house today.
 Another example of Japlish making sense to maybe someone, but not an Anglophone. The photos look nice, but who'd want to go to "aging salon", much less a "total" one? Ha!
 And it's for "Women" and "Mens".
 Not back in France - this is Tokyo Tower lit up at night after dinner with friends.
On the lit-tree street on the way back to the hotel after Tokyo Tower.

The city really seems almost unnaturally clean. Lots of young professionals, especially women, cruising around town seeing and being seen. And since I have a friendly native guide, once a conversation opens, it takes an amical, open turn.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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