Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ceruleum at Lausanne.

Image from the train, contrails in the sky near Lausanne.

The visit to Ceruleum School of Visual Arts was great! They were very welcoming, open to exchange, and it was so nice to be around a group of people after a fairly solitary week in Paris, largely spent sitting in front of the computer all day, all night.

I was warmly welcomed by the Animation instructors, and also by professors from Illustration, Preparatory Year, Sculpture, Graphic Design, and others. The students were fun to meet and the school itself has a nicely focused curriculum and, because of its small size, a community feeling and sense of regular cooperation and contact amongst the professors. The school director was friendly, open, and welcoming as well, and overall I left with a very positive feeling and the motivation to make a March visit by a couple of their students to UArts happen in a constructive and interesting way for both parties, with a possible exchange program developed for the future. The possibility of adding Illustration to the mix makes for a more broad impact. The student work was strong, they were intelligent and motivated, and the curriculum similar to what I am familiar with, so it there is potential for a mutually-beneficial, organic relationship, with a bit of work and effort, of course. I heard a lot of perspectives on the Swiss, and the desire for consensus in decision-making was contrasted with the traditional French emphasis on hierarchy, for example. When different cultures interface there is always something to learn, perspective to be gained.

And every time you go to the Alps, you feel healthy - the air, the water, and the fact of looking up instead of straight ahead or down, makes a positive impact on your frame of mind. The mountains are beautiful. Things are crisp and clean. And Lausanne sits in front of Lake Geneva, big enough of a body of water to make you pay attention, and big enough to influence everything in its vicinity. Switzerland is like a little jewel in the middle of Western Europe. They're well aware they've got a good thing going, there. Of course, no place is perfect, but it's easy to see some of the good points here.

And working on the train - it's a great place to work. Only problem is it's rather an expensive studio rental. Did a bunch of ogre tasks and also some Japanese review on the way back to Paris.


  1. Hey. I would really like to know more about Ceruleam college. Can you help me with that. I am really looking forward to join there for my masters In animation.

  2. If you send me your e-mail I can forward it to an instructor. Otherwise, you should check their website (ceruleum.ch) and send them a question via their "contact" page. Hope that helps.