Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dinan, Brittany.

Another town I visited years ago, Dinan, is a bit inland from St. Malo, a fortified town overlooking a steep cliff onto the river that leads to St. Malo. Known for a well-preserved, medival assemblage of half-timbered building in the old town, the day we visited was drizzly but ended up nice.
Half-timbered houses from the middle ages, leaning at various angles and sheltering high school students on lunch break from the drizzle.

This house had a particularly precarious-looking lean going on.

Photo by Ken. Nice view of the fortifications surrounding the village.

Enclosed in stone and wood, the inner streets of la vieille ville.
 Building saint, watching over passersby.

 Creative English. Photo by Ken.
Crêpe restaurant customer, hiding patiently under the table while the masters eat.
Swallows in silhouette. Photo by Ken.
Photo by Ken. The imposingly thick tower gate.
Photo by Ken(?).
 Photo by Ken.
Photo above quite possibly by Ken. Hard to say sometimes, as the camera swapped hands more than once, but...who's counting.
I liked this fish.
View of the river from the defenses. Photo by Ken.
Patriotic bicycle.

After returning to Caen from Dinan, we had dinner with my French Connections Philippe and Christelle, eating great pizza at La Napoli and then Irish coffee at one of Philippe's preferred spots. He knows the restaurateurs in town and makes new friends regularly. It's nice to have close friends here.

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