Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last Day in France.

Back in Paris after the voyage to Normandy and Brittany, a couple of fellow travelers in tow - Little Brother and Small Keed-time Frend. Da bruddahs, yeah.

We got new newspaper boy headgear. Think it's time to form a band.
Last visit to the Jardin du Luxembourg to visit with more friends. It became a drizzly, grey day, but there were still kids floating boats in the pond. The weather has certainly changed since I arrived. Leaving now just before all the leaves liberate themselves from their branches.

Pond's edge.

Little Brother and I ate at this italian restaurant near la Panthéon (I think it was, anyway). Very good, with real italian waiters.

Sitting here typing this, it's a sad feeling, to be sure. But there were several cherished friendships picked up again, from different times and places, and many moments in good company. This is the sort of thing that only happens rarely, and I am very grateful for all the experiences. Tomorrow...Japan.

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