Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Day in Kyoto, Part I.

I attended a green tea ceremony in the morning along with three Brits, one of whom was named Emma and who took all the photos of me making my own tea, as each of us got the chance to do.

The tea house was a little room behind a street entrance, private as only the Japanese can make something, a pocket of natural calm, with carp pond.

The tea ceremony forces one to slow down - it is very deliberate, and more about bringing people together than about anything else. Our tea master did a very good job of taking us through the process in a very clear and calm manner, impressing upon us the spiritual aspect of the ceremony.

In the tea room, waiting for the others to arrive.
Tea implements. I couldn't name them here, my short-term memory being what it is, but later in the day was gifted a basic set by my mother's high school friend, who accompanied us through most of the day. Good to see old friends catch up.
 "How do you do it, again?"

Emma took enough pictures nearly to make a pixilation. Thanks, Emma!

Afterwards, I met my mother and her friend at a cafe, went to the bathroom, and..."Office Paper".

It's good to have office paper.
First temple stop: Sanjusangendo, buddhist temple with rows upon rows of Indian gods adapted to Japanese ideas. Smokey with incense, we walked past gilded statues representing various deities.

 Kinko's music school..?
Standing in front of the pickle shop, above, with their store sign at left.
Some of the pickled product.
Small garden just in back shows how much beautiful you can make with limited space.

Lunch at the noodle shop!

French-o-nese on the way to Nijo-jo Castle.
Nice combination of old and new.

Coca-cola cooler.
The moat in front of Nijo-jo Castle, which you can read about, below.

Early Edo Period in full glory.

On the bus shooting video.

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