Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Day in Kyoto, Part II.

Nijo-jo, Ninomaru Palace within.

The palace is impressively grand, gilded with gold, but it is the solidity and simplicity of its rooms that stood out, along with the singing bird floor. Try to imagine statesmen, ladies-in-waiting, and the shogun himself walking through its halls, going about their business.

This was a delicate bug on my jacket sleeve.

 The palace gardens were spacious and peaceful.
Winter protection, I guess. More trees wrapped in reeds.

Second time in my life I was here, but found no sign of the graffiti on the stones I remember from the first visit.

Big Bird gingko.

Someone somewhere still feels this sign has something decipherable to say. It does, but barely.

Leaving the castle grounds to the intermediate space beyond the gate.

 More gingko fall showers.

 Red Japanese maple.

Even if it just says "gas main" (which, I don't know what it says), it's still a nice thing to look at.

In the subway coming back to central Kyoto, a scene repeated around the world.
Quick passersby shots in the mall.
Schoolboy in uniform. Lots of uniforms in Japan, from school kids to police officers, to maintenance crews...it probably affords you a strong sense of identity.
 Shoe aquarium for Gore-tex.
This is what happens to those who stick their fingers in the elevator doors as they close.

 (Pickeled?) daikon.
Big fascination with French style and savoir-faire. Even saw a few beret-headed kimono-girls wandering around temple grounds yesterday.
Croissant! Pain au chocolat!
Tarte aux pommes (I think)!
...du fromage!

Every day is a full one, with friends, new sights, sounds, smells, and textures...the mind always open.

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