Monday, November 7, 2016

Late night words.

Problems here loading photos from my internet connection, so text only right now.

My childhood friend is visiting me here in Paris and Normandy these last two weeks of my stay. We walked through Montmartre yesterday and around Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Shakespeare and Co.

And previous to the weekend I spent two wonderful days in Provence, visiting a college friend and family, strolling through a stone, hilltop village and enjoying the olive trees.

Last Japanese lesson tomorrow - woefully unprepared. Last yoga session, and on to starting to prepare for Normandy starting Friday.

Long political discussion tonight! Led me to think more about starting a corner of sustainable living (I dislike catchphrases like that, but how else to describe it), growing trees, using solar and wind power sources, and growing vegetables. That can be a statement on how to live in the world.

time for shut-eye, nene, dodo...

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