Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More Tokyo...

First full day in Tokyo, walking to the Imperial Hotel lobby.
The tea lobby in the "new" Tokyo Imperial Hotel. The former building was made using stone.

A nice morning, still warm-ish, with a first pit stop at "Pronto" cafe that filled up with women on holiday.

Pretending not to notice.

Hibiya Park, where early morning tennis mixed with pigeons and stylish little black and white birds, en route to the Imperial Palace grounds.

This will be a series - Japlish signage of impressive creativity/English nonsensical-ness. You must not do that you fly operation of "dorones" in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace.
Samurai warrior silhouetted against the clouds and sky.
Discrete trees on the grounds.
 Imperial Palace entrance.
View of the Imperial Palace from the moat. An oasis of green in the middle of Tokyo's concrete jungle.
Marathon around the castle today.
Grey building on the right was General MacArthur's headquarters during the U.S. occupation of Japan after WWII. Tokyo, unlike Paris, looks starkly modern for the most part, with concrete rectangles everywhere.
We thought someone might enjoy this restaurant offering.
Fujiya Cake company building. An example of modern steel and glass for an old business.
Kimono on the street. While most women wear contemporary western-style dress, you also see kimono here and there. Maybe women going to work, or going to a function.

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