Sunday, November 27, 2016

Morning garden visit before meeting Suguru.

Little alleyway outside the guesthouse room.

Headed to Shosei-sen, neighboring garden, former abbey retirement place for abbots of Higashi Honganji.
Stonework wall.

This is not a major tourist destination, and because of that retains an ordinary feel, where you can take time to get lost in your thoughts amidst carefully organized nature.

There's one dangerous one. This is kind of like a "beware of dog" sign, I think.
Autumn red, japanese maple.

Pet Botties!
Walking past an alleyway, much different feeling than in Philadelphia. A place you'd like to pop your head in rather than avoid.

Clear instructions.

"Nose" is a family name, but at first glance, you would think this would be quite a site to see.
Your own hair. As much as you want.
Symphony of coffee jelly - a feast for the eyes and ears.
Keep with you, like a jewel, or something.
The artistic foot. Give 'em their due.
Don't be wastefle, for goodness' sake.

Let's go around Kyoto without your luggage!

: D

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